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Skiing in Austria?

If you believe you are not good enough to ski in Austria, or that it is too expensive, think again. First of all, terrain difficulty covers the same levels as here in the States, from beginner to intermediate to expert, and there is plenty of terrain for every level. However, the actual color coding is somewhat different. The only color that is the same is black, for the most difficult trails. Blue for the beginner, or easiest descents, corresponds to green used here. Red designates intermediate trails, equivalent to our blue markings. You will not see any double diamonds, but extremely steep slopes will be marked with a % grade. As far as costs, it is much more expensive for lodging, meals and lift passes at ski resorts in the States than in Austria. The States may have an edge on the airfare, but by diligently watching the market, very reasonable airfares to Europe can be found. Take one of our guided tours to Austria and find out for yourself.


Equipment Rental & Depoting?

Ski/board rental is included in our package and while not mandatory, is highly recommended for several reasons. Bringing equipment from home will result in $240 checked baggage fees and you have to “schlepp” your gear through the airport. The VIP rental equipment is likely as good, if not better, than the equipment you own. It is available from a number of manufacturers and in all types including slalom, GS, all mountain, rocker, etc. In addition, it can be exchanged, free of charge, multiple times, to accommodate varying conditions or to find a better “fit” to style or abilities. And you can have it tuned and/or waxed at no charge, per your request.

Boots and helmets can also be rented if desired, for an additional charge, with the added benefit of reducing space and weight in checked baggage. Telemark, Alpine Trekking, and Nordic skis are also available for rent. We make all arrangements for equipment rental, per your specifications, before arrival, ensuring a smooth and efficient process when picking up on site. Gear is depoted (stored) at the “Check-In” located at the base lift terminals providing primary access to the ski areas. This means you do not have to walk through the village in your ski boots every day. After breakfast, you walk to the Depot, swap street shoes for ski boots, pick up your skis and get on a gondola. That process is reversed at the end of the day making booting up and standing down at days end a more hassle free and memorable experience.

Hassle-Free Experience