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Meet Your Austrian Ski Guides

Ski Instructor Lou

Lou Scheiderich

Lou Scheiderich began skiing while in college, but due to limited resources, he was not able to pursue the sport as much as he would have liked. It was not until the eighties, while living in Germany near the Alps, when his children were old enough to start skiing, that his passion for the sport began to develop into what it is today. It was also during this time that he learned to speak fluent German.

Lou has retired from 2 jobs after a career spanning 45 years, but he considers himself still too young to quit working. So after much encouragement from his ski buddy TO (Tom O’Connell), it was a logical undertaking to follow his passion and become a ski tour guide in Rome, NY, forming 47North Adventures. They started the company with a focus on taking groups on guided ski tours to Austria, but their vision is not limited to that. Other destinations as well as alternative activities could readily be aded to the agenda.

Lou graduated from the University of Buffalo with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and he also has a Masters in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. It is this educational background, his analytical mind and his eye for detail that account for his successful track record as a trip planner and tour guide, arranging trips to Europe and the Caribbean for large and small groups alike. He has planned and guided skiing trips to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as theme excursions to Ireland, the British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Jamaica, and St Martin to name a few.

Lou has been married to Margaret Dwyer of Rochester, NY for 50 years. When not living in Europe their home has been in Rome, NY. They have 4 children who are his favorite ski “buddies”. His other interests include sailing, while idling the time away getting ready for the next ski season, gardening, traveling, and spending time with his family, especially his 3 grandchildren.

Ski Instructor Tom

Tom O’Connell

Tom O’Connell (TO) began his lifelong association with skiing in 4th grade, when one of his neighbor buddies needed somebody to go skiing with him, and figured Tom was as good as it was going to get. His first adventure was to Woods Valley, a small local ski area, where on rented skis he proceeded up the T bar and then straight down Broadway, ending his first run in a spectacular crash. But it was love at first "sight" and Tom was hooked. He remembers his first pair of skis. It was a Dartmouth fiberglass ski with Cubco Bindings and segmented edges. They were high tech for the time.

Tom attended college at Brockport State, in Western NY, earning a degree in Physical Education. While there he began teaching as a ski instructor at Swain Mountain, in the hills South of Rochester. He lived in the village on school breaks and worked fulltime, teaching beginner classes of twenty students, day and night. It was in one of those classes that he met Mary Anne O’Brien, who later became his wife.

When Tom started a family he wanted his 2 sons and daughter to learn to ski, so he joined the ski school at Gore Mountain in the Adirondack Mountains of far Upstate NY. The family spent every weekend and holiday at Gore, living in a rented house. The boys joined the race program so there were many jaunts to various ski areas in the region. Tom brings his years of experience as a PSIA certified ski instructor to 47North Adventures, and is available free of charge, to provide coaching to anyone who would like to brush up on their skills, or learn new techniques.

In 2001 Tom’s oldest son Mike was invited to go skiing in Austria by Mike Scheiderich, a close High School friend, and his dad Lou. When they returned and described the experience, it was easy to convince TO to join them the following year. That was TOs first trip to Serfaus and his first time skiing in Austria. He has made 16 trips with Lou since, each with a different group of people, but each as memorable as the first.

According to Tom and Lou, Austria represents the embodiment of skiing. The culture there embraces skiing like no other. With the Austrian attention to every detail, an unparalleled guided skiing experience awaits you. Both guides are more than happy to share this experience with other people and that is the spirit behind 47North Adventures.